20 Jahre Handglockenmusik für Frieden und Verständigung in Caputh
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Bell Choir & Caputh

Since 1989, ...

... befor the fall off the Berlin Wall, there has been a handbell choir in

... Caputh, ...

a village at the edge of Potsdam, a federal capital at the edge of Berlin,

a village at the river Havel, surrounded by lakes and a tiny, hilly landscape of woods and gardens.

Hand bell choirs are ...

... common in the United States but fairly unknown in Germany as there are other instruments used for the same purpose like brass ensembles.

... an impressive kind of playing music with the focus on cooperation & team spirit & vision. Every Bell is just a tone and the bells & ringers need to be coordinated & tuned.

It was back in 1987 ... –>History

In our Choir...

anyone is welcome and we are happy to see others.

We are a mix of pensioners and youth, have various origins & our believes have different titles.

We are united in the joy of the music; we aim to share our hopes & cooperate & understand.

We just play music with magnificent instruments, given to us, and just playing music means more to us.

Involvement & Endorsement

For us pitched percussion music and activity for peace and understanding are enabled by honorary commitment and manifold support. We are grateful for all the help composing the Peace Bell Choir and that we may play these beautiful instruments.