20 Jahre Handglockenmusik für Frieden und Verständigung in Caputh
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Hand Chimes

Weekly, on Fridays...

before the practise session of the Bell Choir another group meets, playing an instrument which also has an exotic aura. Our chimes are played by a younger, vivid choir.

Hand chimes require a quite similar technique to create music, but they are more solid & clear. Every player handles around 2–5 chimes. Moreover, there is a good mixture of experienced and novel players. But the Chimes Choir Caputh is more then just an offspring of the Peace Bell Choir. It's individual fresh character adds more to the tradition of pitched hand percussion music in Caputh — even in concerts together with the Bell Choir.

Their sound...

is softer and more fluent and the way they work is visible directly as they are played.

Especially harmonies of chimes & bells together create a broad, rich sound. But as well they can be combined with other instruments or evolve their pure sound independently. Tone combinations & tunes of hand chimes are usually more than people expect, when they just have the idea of some percussions in their mind.