20 Jahre Handglockenmusik für Frieden und Verständigung in Caputh
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It was ...

... back in 1987 when the Festival Choir of Fort Wayne toured through Europe. A whole bunch of good luck, faith and coincidences were necessary for them to come to our village, to be curious and to get a warm welcome...

...like it was never expected to be possible under the circumstances of these days.

An impressive concert, intriguing conversations and private visits in living rooms were the seeds of friendship and...

... a plan.

A set of bells and notes and help were collected and reached us 2 years later. Driven by this enthusiasm the Peace Bell Choir was founded in summer 1989...

Our concerts in Summer and at Christmas Eve in the Church of Caputh became something like a tradition for us. They are part of the Christmas celebrations as they are part of Summer time.

Small trips are a chance for us to experience our surroundings and for others they are a chance to get to know our music and us. We were glad to visit the Midwest of the United States just 1 year after the bells were given to us. Furthermore musical bridges were built e.g. to Møn in Denmark to a choir without bells and warm and hospital friends, Karlsbad–Auerbach in the Southwest of Germany, which is our associated parish, to other Bell Choirs e.g. in Gotha, Thuringia and to Chojna in Poland on the occasion of the “Days of Integration, Friendship and Ecumenism”.

Some events which influenced & impressed us, were a meeting of 17 Bell Choirs in Emden 1992, the European Bell Days 2004 in Karlsruhe, a concert in cooperation with the Berlin Children’s Choir in the Berlin Philharmonie, ...

Summer & Anniversary Concert of the Peace Bell & Chimes Choir Caputh with Guests

    Saturday, 5th of July 2014, 5pm in the Church of Caputh:

Together with guests and friends we were glad to celebrate 25 years of music for peace and understanding. Our concert was framed by a parisch fair.

Festival Concert

at Saturday, 4th of July 2009, 7pm in the church of Caputh

with 3 bell choirs and a celebration of the parish in the evening

(also within the framework of the festival:)

5th of July 2009, 10:30am

Mass in the Island Church of Hermannswerder in Potsdam with music by the Bells Choir of the Augustin Parish Gotha

5th of July 2009, 11am

Mass in the Church of Geltow with music by the Bells Choir of Pilsum

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(A Selection)

Christmas Eve Concert

24th of December 2015, 10pm, in the Church of Caputh

Our traditional concert was once again a delightful completion of the Christmas Eve celebrations. The Peace Bell Choir, the Chimes Choir and instrumentalists played a mixture of German and international Christmas tunes.

Music Act at the Christmas Celebration of the “Arbeiterwohlfaht e.V.”

Saturday, 28th of November 2015 at the conference hotel “Märkisches Gildehaus” in Caputh

The Bell Choir of Caputh rang some Christmas Carols to accompany the circle beside some cake and coffee to get into the mood of the season.

Some Late Summer Music at the regional harvest celebration

20th of September 2015 at the Church of Zauchwitz

Concert of the Peace Bell Choir with worship

...into the Blue...

4th of July 2015, 5pm at the Church of Caputh

Summer evening concert of the Hand Bell Choir & Chimes Choir together with the Brass Music Groub of Caputh and further instrumentalists. This time it was a musical trip into the blue and music of rivers, lakes, sea, starry sky, ...

Concert Journey to Chojna in Poland

23rd to 25th of August 2013, 10pm, to the

“Days of Integration, Friendship and Ecumenism”

For the first time we were invited to take part in an European intercultural project for the understanding of Catholics and Protestants, old and new inhabitants, ...

Concert Journey to Denmark

20th to 23rd of June 2013:

We were happy to have the chance to make another tour and to visit our friends in Denmark.

Lørdag, 22.06.2013:

Stege Kirke (Møn - Vordingborg)

Koncert med Hand Klokke (og Guitar)

2 Chrismas Concerts in Cooperation with the Men´s Choir Potsdam

    Saturday, 18th of December 2010, 3pm & 6pm, Nikolai Hall, Potsdam

Christmas Concert of the “Volkssolidarität”

Thursday, 16th of December 2010, 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the Nikolai Hall, Potsdam

in cooperation with the Choir “Sonari” Berlin

Music at the Advent of Christmas 2009 with hand bells

At the 13th of Dezember 2009 at 4pm in the Island Church of Hermannswerder, Potsdam

the Peace Bell Choir and brass musicians played seasonal atmospheric music.

At the 4th of December 2009 at 8pm in the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie

the Choir “Sonari” Berlin gave a concert in cooperation with the Peace Bell Choir Caputh.

At the 29th of December 2009 in the Church Gustav Adolf of Lindental near Leipzig

there was a concert of original and arranged compositions of the season in cooperation with the Prussian–Saxonian Brass Union.